About Us

Welcome to Village Elementary School, York, Maine (K-1 Primary School)

Village Elementary School (VES), York’s K-1 primary school, exemplifies high standards of educational excellence. We are child-centered and our curricula and instruction foster hands-on learning that is meaningful and educationally appropriate for the young learner.

We believe that all students can learn and we know that students learn best in a school culture that:

  • encourages and fosters their growth and development

  • meets their educational needs and challenges their potential

  • provides opportunities for academic choice, and empowers children to be active learners, effective communicators, and collaborative problem solvers

  • partners with parents/guardians on behalf of each child


  • Our students will be confident learners, active thinkers and creative problem solvers when engaging in primary school experiences.

  • Our students will demonstrate their best effort toward mastery of academic and social goals.

  • Our primary school will be a developmentally appropriate, safe and caring community that values empathy, respect and responsibility.

  • Our staff, who are dedicated life-long learners, will provide a safe, positive learning environment through modeling and relationship building, and by designing experiences that demonstrate an understanding of young children.

  • Our staff will encourage creative thinking and provide developmentally appropriate, hands-on learning opportunities while fostering respect for cultural diversity and learning styles.

  • At Village Elementary School, students will learn to be responsible and involved citizens by participating in community activities.

  • Our community will support our primary school and staff with the resources to achieve our goals and begin the public school education process for our young population.


To read about the Village Elementary School curriculum, please visit the York School Department’s Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment pages.