Fundraising Mission

In an effort to support the Village Elementary School, its staff and students, the Village Parent Group engages in a variety of fundraising efforts over the course of each school year. The aim of the VPGís fundraising is twofold. First, we strive to offer VES staff, student and families the opportunity to buy an array of quality and unique products in the hopes that we can meet the tastes of different people. Secondly, we hope to raise sufficient funds to maintain our commitment to offer direct support to students, educational and social events for students and families, and staff appreciation events.

Requirements for Fundraising Events

  • Products available for purchase will meet a variety of price points ($5 and up).
  • Funds which are returned to VPG should aim to be 40% of more of the overall revenue to match efforts in organizing and implementing the event.
  • Direct recipients of profits kept by organization or fundraising source should be independent of VES community.
  • We hope to choose fundraising events that support local businesses or support the ongoing learning and involvement of our children.
  • The profits from our fundraising should be used to directly support the students and the school.
  • The above criteria are to be used as a guideline in determining fundraising options, although final decision rests with the VPG Board.

Procedures for Choosing/Developing Fundraising Events

  • Initial solicitors/interested parties submit their proposals to the Fundraising Coordinator.
  • The Fundraising Coordinator consults the requirements guide line to determine qualification.
  • The Fundraising Coordinator then makes his/her recommendation to the board
  • Once the Board makes a decision, this is communicated to the solicitor by the Fundraising Coordinator.